Posted by: brendablackmonmy9 | September 19, 2010


There’s still time to set your tv sets for NJ Now. You don’t want to miss another discussion on mid-term elections as the race for the 12rh District is a fight to the finish!  Democratic incumbent Rush Holt has to fend off a Republican newcomer, Scott Sipprelle.  Hear how the Congressman reacts to his challenger’s comments during a candidate’s forum, the economy, the President’s plan for job creation, healthcare and education.

That’s not all! Assemblywoman Nellie Pou(D), who chairs the Appropriations Committee and Assemblyman Scott Rumana(R), on the Education Committee go at it. When it comes to budget cuts and their impact on education, these two just can’t agree and that makes for some stirring debate.  $820 million cut from the State budget but is class size really affected? Listen to their answers and decide the impact of cuts on YOUR kids.

Ryan Peane is a Republican Strategist and Raj Mukherji is a Democratic Strategist. Same question to both generates much different views, so different questions and lots of stimulating responses. We mix it up as we talk about the Governor’s plan for reforming the State. 

‘Ya gotta tune it to test the waters and enjoy. Every Sunday afternoon.  Meet ‘ya in front of the tv set (or computer) (or phone) 🙂


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